“Your best teacher is your last mistake.” 


-A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Our Teaching Philosophy

"An intelligent person learns from his mistakes, but a wise person learns from the mistakes of others."

We Tell Our Students

and thus help them in forming their own techniques and methodologies.

We don't just teach, we ENLIGHTEN.
Our true success lies in our methodology - which helps us induce critical thinking in our students.

The Outcome

    Most of the classes and teachers only focus on the top 1% of the students and help them score 99 percentile which is a fairly easy task and requires minimum efforts. They then use these students to successfully run their marketing campaigns.

    In the famous words of T’Challa “We don’t do that here”.

   The Bodhi Tree was born out of the need to help not only the toppers but also the ‘bottomers’ and enable them to reach the top. We start right from the basics and hence, by doing so, empower the below average students too, to crack MBA CET.

    The 0.4 percentile difference that you see between above average students of other classes and those of The Bodhi Tree easily translates to an average salary (most important reason why Indian students do MBA) difference of 10-12 lakhs among the students.

Teaching Gap TBT without Shading 2.png

    Most of the classes, to save time, start teaching from a very high level - thinking that each of their students is an Einstein. In their bid to start as many batches as possible, other classes have lost the essence of teaching.

    We focus on the fundamental concepts to give our students the needed edge. From the above graph, you can clearly see the "Teaching Gap" between The Bodhi Tree and other classes. Other classes tend to compromise on the time consuming process of knowledge transfer, which not only harms below average and average students but also prevents above average students from achieving their true potential, whereas, at The Bodhi Tree, there is no compromise.


DI Question: Based on the information given in the 2nd graph, in which topic/s above average students of Other Classes will definitely face difficulties?

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Meet The Sages


    Shekhar has always been involved in grooming the young minds of India. After completing his B.Tech and M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Madras, he mentored students of IITians Pace for JEE Examination. He also conducts workshops for MBA aspirants and his students have successfully cracked MBA – CET as well as CAT. An ex-PwC consultant, Shekhar gives significant importance to logic and critical thinking and hence, he teaches students to solve DI with logic rather than intensive calculations. He started cracking Scholarships and Olympiads when he was still in his nappies and with that he brings to the table a plethora of strategies, and short cut tricks that he formulated since he was a kid. By implementing his strategies, his students thrive in the Quants section. He, along with Malhar, has successfully brought together alumni of JBIMS, IIT, IIM, FMS, NIT and COEP together to give you the best MBA-CET course possible.


  Being a below average student and having barely graduated from a B-grade engineering college, Malhar shocked everyone when he got into one of the leading B-schools in India. He credits his rise from the ashes to his studies under the tutelage of Shekhar. Shekhar's tutoring coupled with Malhar's hardwork, grit, and innovative study techniques changed the latter's life for better. He emphasizes that if he can turn his life around, anyone can do it.

    Being once a below average student himself, he knows the trick to mould below average students into extraordinary ones. Owing to his deep understanding of grammar and impeccable teaching skills, he has helped many students crack MBA – CET, CAT, and GMAT to name a few. He also has helped students to get placed in renowned institutes like TCS, Wipro, Capgemini, Cognizant, etc., by enabling them to crack aptitude tests.