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    Most of the classes and teachers only focus on the top 1% of the students and help them score 99 percentile which is a fairly easy task and requires minimum efforts. They then use these students to successfully run their marketing campaigns.

    In the famous words of T’Challa “We don’t do that here”.

   The Bodhi Tree was born out of the need to help not only the toppers but also the ‘bottomers’ and enable them to reach the top. We start right from the basics and hence, by doing so, empower the below average students too, to crack MBA CET.

    The 0.4 percentile difference that you see between above average students of other classes and those of The Bodhi Tree easily translates to an average salary (most important reason why Indian students do MBA) difference of 10-12 lakhs among the students.


Data Analyst
Career Experience Program

Experience the job in a simulated company

An entry-level program on Excel, Business Intelligence and Dashboard Planning

First step towards Data Analytics for 2nd, 3rd, 4th year students from Engineering, B.A/B.Com, BBA and MBA

No Prerequisites required

Simulated On-The-Job Learning


Join a Simulated Company

Shadow along a Data Analyst throughout a project


Observe Team Meeting

Understand a Data Analyst's work environment, mindset and psychology


Attend Skill Sessions

Undergo skill sessions on Excel, Statistical Techniques, Business Intelligence, and Dashboard building


Assist Project Task

Observe 80% of the project tasks done by the expert and get hands-on experience in 20% of the project

Add "Experience" to your resume this year

Versity Student Resume DA.webp

Program Benefits

Industry First Step To Students

The program is designed in a manner to give a complete 360 exposure of the job including the technical skills, the roles and responsibilities, soft skills aspects, all through an innovative on-the-job learning style

​Test-Drive And Decide A Job

Get a Taste of Data Analytics career and decide if its the right path for you

Great Experiential learning for Interviews

The skills and experience of the program makes the learner talk from an experience point of view of being in a company among professionals during their interview and talk about the journey of problem to solution

Our Pricing Plan


Learn From The Top Professionals




Welcome to Externship

What outcomes to expect from this course, Disclaimers of Versity, Course journey overview, Introduction to Industry experts


Welcome to Spring


Team introduction, problem outline, expectations & plans


Session 1

Excel basics and Terminology


Meeting 2

Requirement gathering


Data collection/requirement meeting; QA session


Meeting 3

Outline of data and analysis outcomes


Meeting 4


Analysis outcomes and Dashboard planning


Session 2


Creation of analytics dashboard


Meeting 5


Team meeting, showcase results, make a case for forecasting


Session 3

Forecasting methodologies introduction and examples.

Creating forecasting model, updating dashboard


Meeting 6


Insights, operational team revamping, plan of actions, company roadmap planning


Program Conclusion


Course winding to understanding the anatomy of a data analyst

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